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Green and Woodland Burials

A green burial is an environmentally alternative to traditional burial or cremation. The aim of a green 'natural' burial is so that there is less impact on the earth as possible. 

There are several woodland burial sites available in our surrounding areas, these include Glossop, Blackley and Southern Cemetery in Manchester. 

When having a woodland burial you choose a coffin made from a sustainable source, that is biodegradable. There are many options available from wicker, bamboo, banana leaf or even cardboard.

Benefits of a natural burial include:

  • Reduction in your 'carbon footprint'

  • A natural, peaceful place with a wildlife habitat for family and friends to visit

  • Environmentally friendly coffins don't add toxins to the earth when they decompose

  • Less chemicals in the earth as embalming is not allowed in most natural burial sites

Forest Trees

The costs of woodland burials differ depending on area chosen.

For further costing please click below

The Woodlands (Blackley)

The Meadows (Southern Cemetery)

Glossop Cemetery (High Peak)

eco friendly coffin handles 2
eco friendly coffin handles 3
Eco friendly coffin handles
Hand -woven Willow
Hand-woven Bamboo
Hand-woven Willow
Hand-woven and Bulrush
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