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Arranging a Funeral 

This can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done this before. A funeral can be as traditional or personalised as you like,  here are a few things to consider:

Cremation or burial
Church service

Religion of deceased, or maybe a humanist / celebrant is more fitting
Floral tributes
Charitable donations
Death or funeral notice* 
Cortege assembly point 
How many Limousines (if any) – each limousine seats 6 passengers
Would you like to visit the chapel of rest
Would you like us to arrange bringing your loved one home before the funeral? This is usually done the evening before the funeral
Would you like your loved one dressing in their own clothes? This can be formal wear, or any kind of clothes they usually wear, pyjamas are always popular!
Type of Coffin / Casket
Order of Service or other funeral stationary
Music / Hymns / Poems for the service
Memorialisation (headstones, tablets, inscriptions)

Keepsakes such as Ashes to Glass, Fingerprint keepsakes, hand casts

Ashes caskets - for burial of ashes or to have at home
Eulogy (who will read this?)

Also think about your loved ones hobbies and pastimes. Each funeral is unique, we can help discuss your options and inspire you to make a fitting tribute. This could be a Star Wars themed funeral, having a colourful and engraved coffin, placing certain items on top of the coffin (doesn't always have to be flowers - this could be knitting needles / wool, gardening items, football flags) or we could even an provide an alternative hearse.

*Funeral notice is not recommended due to Covid restrictions at funerals

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